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lothringia 71M
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12/1/2017 4:03 pm

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12/29/2017 3:26 am

I'm Back - all of me

After being banned in/from my original SFF account as Lothringia for over 4½ years, upon appeal, the abuse team at SFF have deemed me to be suitably rehabilitated to be allowed to resume from where I left off after some very dubious complaints got me banned in April 2013.

Henceforth, I intend to participate a bit more in the blog section than I have done over the past few years using secondary handles. Just as I prepare to resurrect my participation I'm very pleased to see that the exceptional poet, comedic and astrology writer, Mr Ronald King, is also back on the scene just ahead of me. I will be participating in Sandy's revamped Foto Friday starting in the morning - Irish time.

lothringia 71M
10141 posts
12/1/2017 4:06 pm

After such a long lapse, it feels great to be back where I belong

Hawkslayer 82M
10882 posts
12/1/2017 4:15 pm

Welcome back, Loth. We need more people like you in the blogs.

It only takes a drop of ink to make a million people think. There are many stories.

Abelle2 77F
28119 posts
12/1/2017 4:17 pm

Loth, it is wonderful to see you!

Would you believe, we had gone for a long ride today and I started thinking about you. Then Alfie said you had written a blog. I laughed and said, you had been in my thoughts today.

Is this an example of "Great minds think alike"?

dinty3 74M  
3208 posts
12/1/2017 4:28 pm

Let the bells ring and the banners fly, it's to good to be true but the Loth man is back. Welcome and good to see you.

Simpleladyb2 68F
13357 posts
12/1/2017 5:02 pm

Welcome back, Billy!

Nice to see you again.

My regards to Maudie.


"The only way to have a friend is to be one."

frenchsalsa2 71F
7361 posts
12/1/2017 6:14 pm

Welcome back, Lothie. I tried contacting you before and after you left from your visit to Toronto, but to no avail. I wondered what happened. I responded to you on FB. I never did get the message from your daughter, so no idea what happened. Perhaps the wrong # ?

DanDee1952 65M
18575 posts
12/1/2017 6:25 pm

Hey there Billy, mo chara. good to see you

MySeek2day 74F
4743 posts
12/1/2017 6:42 pm

Hello, and welcome back!!!! I was wondering what had happened to you and Maudi.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, what you do are in harmony. - M. Gandhi

deborahsu2 78F
2229 posts
12/1/2017 7:01 pm

Nice to see you back in the blogs.

sewg1941 76F
163 posts
12/1/2017 9:23 pm

Good to see you Loth and I'm happy to hear you will be joining the Foto Friday bunch... welcome back I had quite a long break myself

lothringia 71M
10141 posts
12/1/2017 11:07 pm

Abelle* and Alfie, I'm delighted to see you both visiting my blog again. I will always regret not getting to meet you when you were in Dublin/Bray a few years ago, and that surely goes for Maudie too. We go to Bray three or four times every year, it's where I first pitched a tent in 1967, and I have a soft spot for it. Maudie will be very pleased when I tell her I met you tonight. She's away for the weekend with some former workmates. I look forward to interacting with you again in the days ahead.

*Ann, you'll always be Abelle to me.

Hi Dinty, Thanks a lot for the fanfare welcome; I hope it didn't wake up the neighbours here at 12:28am

Hi Betty, I'm very glad to see you here and glad that I have a genuine, fully fledged blog for you to visit again. We will always regret not getting to meet you when we visited October Milan in 2011 because you were still living there when we made the booking about six months in advance. And it was your presence there that motivated us to go there instead of Rome.

Coincidentally. we just returned from a week's holiday in the capital on Tuesday night - after missing our scheduled flight at 10:55am on the same day - Ugh!

Hi Bonnie, It was very disappointing not to meet you during our long stopover in Toronto in May. My daughter, Caroline, is very strong willed, just like her daddy, and she insisted on sending the message while on a metro train from Kipling to Bay. I wasn't comfortable with that and I made that clear but she insisted that the message had been sent and delivered. I will never know for sure if we got the number wrong but I doubt very much that that was the case because I was very vigilant about that. It seems it just wasn't to be and I apologise again for letting you down.

Hiya Danny, I never stopped visiting SFF completely but when I have done, just occasionally, in recent years it is always your funnies that I read first and you now have my official approval for posting more than one blog post each day. I loved the one about the little boy enquiring about the location of his brains while being bathed by his very astute mammy - lol

Hi My, Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm truly over the moon at getting back full control of my old blogs. When I was banned they should have disappeared in a wisp, but they didn't, and I was still able to read them. My own comments on them, and all other blogs, were deleted and I was unable to edit them which is something I did nonstop when I was able to. All my comments have been restored too. I love reading some of those old blogs and I often think of ways to improve them but for the duration of my ban I was unable to make any changes for the better when I thought of a good line to add or a word to change. I'll be reposting a lot of those old blogs starting very soon.

Hi Debs, Thank you for the kind welcome it is very much appreciated. I'm delighted to be back with my original handle and all my blogs under my full control.

Kurt, What can I say? You've always been a true and trusted friend to me. I could always depend on you, when the going got tough for me here, and others forsook me and that is something I will never forget or lose sight of. Thank you my friend.

Hi Sandy, I was delighted when Maudie, who visits here much more than I do in recent years, told me that you were reviving 'Foto Friday'. That was, without a doubt, the single best thing that ever happened in Blogland. It brought great interest to the blogs and fostered much camaraderie between bloggers that, otherwise, were total strangers to one another. Mike, who was also a very dear friend to me, through thick and thin, is sorely missed by many but he left a fine legacy behind in dear old Blogland.

bijou624 68F
17999 posts
12/1/2017 11:08 pm

We missed you. Welcome back Lothie.

lothringia 71M
10141 posts
12/1/2017 11:18 pm

Bijou; Hi my ever dependable friend and thanks for the cheery welcome.

Maudie and I were very disappointed that it wasn't possible to meet you in Toronto during our sixteen hour stopover en route to NYC. . When I was booking that trip many months in advance I knew that yourself, Bonnie and Rosie were listed as living in Toronto and I almost took it for granted that we would get to meet you all. But, alas, it just wasn't to be.

lothringia 71M
10141 posts
12/2/2017 12:18 am

That profile picture of me is about eight years old and I will be replacing with an up to date one before the day is out.

Fossil_Fetcher 70M
8846 posts
12/2/2017 4:58 am

Good to see you back in print.


Facies liberals meum sanguinem fervere

Abelle2 77F
28119 posts
12/2/2017 5:48 am

Loth, I don't know if you knew that Alfie and I finally "tied the knot" May 12 2016.

We got married in our backyard. The trees and flowers were beautiful so we asked our Minister to marry us there. He loved the idea.

lothringia 71M
10141 posts
12/2/2017 6:42 am

Maudie has been visiting SFF a lot more than me during the past few years and she saw the announcement and told me about the wedding and we both posted on a blog you had titled "Check my comment on Alfie's blog" on May 13 2016.

That was a great idea - with such a lovely setting why would you want to go anywhere else?

Congratulations again to a very well suited couple

lothringia 71M
10141 posts
12/2/2017 6:52 am

Hi Fossil, Thanks for stopping by. I want you and a few others here to know that at this late stage of my life I bear no animosity against anyone at this site.

From here on in I will treat everyone in a civil manner or not at all and I don't intend to get dragged into any more arguments. I will just delete and iggy anyone that offends me or insults anyone that posts on my blogs.

Best wishes to you and Lucy and belated condolences in respect for Lucy's daughter's passing

Archer62 77F
3705 posts
12/2/2017 7:59 am

Good to see you, was wonder about you.

lothringia 71M
10141 posts
12/2/2017 12:00 pm

Hi Archer, I'm glad to be back but I will never be as prolific a blogger as I used to be back in the 'good old days' of the noughties.

frenchsalsa2 71F
7361 posts
12/2/2017 7:28 pm

Hi again Lothie... I'm still puzzled re your daughter's message. I have no doubt she was very vigilant but I can definitely assure you that I did not receive any message. I guess it was not to be... so sorry to learn of your long stop-over. This city is so vast because even the outlying areas (where I reside) are considered part of the GTA but fortunately don't include us in their extremely high property taxes (yikes)!! Incidentally many of us here have not heard from Rosie in a very long time and personally I have no idea where she resides in this city, so no contact info.

lothringia 71M
10141 posts
12/3/2017 12:23 am

Hi Bonnie, I have never for one moment thought that you received my message and that is 100% my honest opinion.

What I have always felt was that the message didn't get delivered to your phone because it was sent from the train and the signal was too poor for it to be transmitted. To my mind, there is no other logical explanation.

I should have gotten Caroline to send the message again as soon as we got out of the station at Bay but, not being well versed in the matter of mobile phones and sending text messages, I wasn't up to speed on the situation.

It wouldn't have taken one jot of bother to have resent the message even if it had gotten through at the first attempt.

Maybe we will get to meet again at a future SFF gathering because now that I have my original handle (and blogs) back I feel much more a part of the Blogland community than I have done for a very long time.

Once again I apologise, unreservedly, for causing you distress

frenchsalsa2 71F
7361 posts
12/3/2017 10:06 am

Lothie, no apology needed ... nor was there any distress caused. It was simply hit & miss. There's always the future so who knows! My very best & a Merry Christmas to you and Maudie!!

traveler56 71F
9434 posts
12/5/2017 8:41 pm

Hey, hey, hey, good to see you back, Billy!

lothringia 71M
10141 posts
12/6/2017 3:28 pm

Thanks for the nice welcome Sherry. I'm looking at crossing the pond again sometime in the second half of 2018 so maybe we might get to meet again before too long.