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Investor1 62F
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12/6/2017 10:04 pm
Bitcoin surpassed $18K and Bitcoin coinbase surpassed $19K today - it is insane

First and foremost, I don't have any Bitcoin or know how to trade Bitcoin. Bitcoin is cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin coinbase jumped $1,000 every 30 minutes on Dec 7, 2017. So far, there is no Bitcoin regulations.

I watch C-NBC (financial channel) everyday while stock market is on. There is a female reporter on CNBC said about 5 yrs ago, her ex-boyfriend told her to buy Bitcoin for $1, but she didn't believe him, so she didn't buy. Now Bitcoin is over $14,385. She regrets not listen to her ex-boyfriend. She married to someone else now.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon says bitcoin is a fraud that will eventually blow up.

Warren Buffett is no fan of bitcoin. He said "Stay away from it. It's a mirage, basically," He said "Bitcoins transmit money like checks, and checks have no intrinsic value". Buffett said "Bitcoin is not currency. It is Holland Tulip". He doubted 10 year Bitcoin will exist.

Bill Gates said "Nobody can stop Bitcoin", "Bitcoin is better than currency".

Robert Shiller, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics said "Bitcoin resembles past market bubbles". "Tulip mania is not dead yet. The enthusiasm of Bitcoin is out of proportion". "It is risky".

Do you have Bitcoin? Do you believe in Bitcoin? I don't. I stay away from Bitcoin. People said Bitcoin will have disaster when it burst and will drag the stock market down that is my concern.

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