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Hawkslayer 83M
11138 posts
12/6/2017 11:45 am

My shoe is beside the front door, can't you see it???? Please hurry, I'm waiting.

It only takes a drop of ink to make a million people think. There are many stories.

Abelle2 77F
28638 posts
12/6/2017 12:19 pm

My shoe is right next to Alfie's and on our front porch.

Should we leave the light on or do you work in the dark delivering the Marzipan?

RubiSleepinBuuty 63F
1197 posts
12/6/2017 2:01 pm

wow, I did not know it came like this, already made, I mean. I sure do miss my German friend. She made the most wonderful cookies at Christmastime, macaroons and those paperthin sugar cookies. yum ! I may have to call her up!

sparkleflit 71F
3579 posts
12/6/2017 2:04 pm

Wow, that looks like the real stuff.....MMMMM!!!Where is my shoe? It's on my foot of course........

sparkleflit 71F
3579 posts
12/6/2017 2:56 pm

So I just went over to You Tube and learned how to make marzipan with a food processor. Looks easy.....The only time I tried making it, I used a meat grinder. I was determined to make real marzipan for my husband and his family that Christmas. When I was a child, I helped my grandmother make marzipan potatoes.

In those days, you could buy really good marzipan by the kilo in the store. So all us kids would sit around her table making marzipan potatoes. They were about the size of an almond. We shaped them, then made dents in them with a toothpick. Then she would put them in a bag with a mixture of cocoa and powdered sugar. The mixture would fill the dents and make them look like potato eyes. Then we arranged them, row upon row on trays to dry a bit. Next day we put them in miniature potato sacks that grandma had made from cotton dyed with tea and labelled . Everyone we knew got marzipan potatoes from us.

So that's what I wanted to do that Christmas when I tried to make my own marzipan.....I had to keep putting the almonds through the grinder over and over, and when I finally kneaded in the powdered sugar......I went into labour........I kept on going for a while, but I finally abandoned it.......He was 9lb. 10 oz........Whew.....I was never inspired to try making marzipan again.....until now....What I usually do is buy almonds, roast them lightly, place them in a pan and pour melted very good milk chocolate on them. It's a popular treat at the Christmas buffets...........Maybe, somewhere in my mind, there lurks the idea that if I make marzipan, I will go into labour.

deborahsu2 78F
2799 posts
12/6/2017 3:30 pm

I have never had the possibility of trying Marzipen but I would sure like to. Chocolate is one of my food groups. lol It looks sooo good.

earthytaurus3 78F
38365 posts
12/6/2017 7:46 pm

My shoes are lined up on my closet floor .... I want them all filled with German chocolate. Yes, Ma'am! I've been good, I promise.

bijou624 69F
18159 posts
12/7/2017 12:35 am

I love marzipan. The grocery stores sell the chocolate covered marzipan bars all year but at this time of year they sell marzipan in blocks that you can use for icing Christmas cake, but I just eat it from the package. I used to buy marzipan that was made to look like real fruit, shaped and coloured to look exactly like tiny apples, cherries, bananas, etc.

Maudie1 68F
4954 posts
12/7/2017 1:00 am

I really hate chocolate. One tiny bite makes me sick. But I love marzipan.
It all looks rather pretty though.

traveler56 72F
9486 posts
12/7/2017 4:28 am

Wow, my mother-in-law and her sister used to make "sweet potatoes" from butter or maragarine mixed with sugar, then rolled in a mixture of cinnamon sugar. I'll have to try your marzipan version, Sparkleflit. I'm not the least bit worried about going into labor!

MySeek, your confections look exquisite, and I know you are having fun being the sweets lady. The Christmas markets in Germany must be something amazing to see.

earthytaurus3 78F
38365 posts
12/7/2017 9:41 am

    Quoting  :

Careful what you ask for. LOL