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bigblock46 72M
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12/4/2017 5:19 am
Todays Americana Question

What celebrity has helped to grant the most wishes with the "Make-A-Wish Foundation"?
Shaquille O'Neal
Justin Bieber
Oprah Winfrey
John Cena
I don't know

bigblock46 72M
7771 posts
12/4/2017 5:20 am

A little change of pace

MrsJoe 71F
9188 posts
12/4/2017 7:33 am

Years ago, I worked with a podiatrist whose son had leukemia and had been chosen by the Make A Wish Foundation to have a wish fulfilled. He first thought he wanted to meet Michael Jordan, but then he found out that the "great" star only met with a group of several kids at a time and spent only a few minutes with the group and no personal one on one time at all. That lowered the "great" MJ in my mind after that.
He decided that he would like to meet the Pope. Make a Wish sent him and his dad to meet the Pope and they had almost an hour alone with him. Something that young man will remember the rest of his life. A couple of years later, the doctor told me that his son's disease was in remission. I often wonder what became of him.

Life's short. Be sure you spend your time on the internet, arguing with strangers over politics.

bigblock46 72M
7771 posts
12/4/2017 8:36 am

Even Bill Clinton has given of himself to make a childs wish come true.