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NewOrleansOlStud 71 M
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Be Safe   12/5/2017

♦ The reason Mayberry was so peaceful and quiet was because nobody was married. Andy, Aunt Bea, Barney, Floyd, Howard, Goober, Gomer, Sam, Earnest T Bass, Helen, Thelma Lou, Clara and, of course, Opie were all single. The only married person was Otis, and he stayed drunk. <br><br> 'Happy Holidays'!

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deb915 64 F
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Trust Your Initial Feeling   10/6/2015

Have you ever looked back on a situation and realized the signs were there and you should have run not walked away from a relationship? I know you have because when we all get together over dinner or drinks it becomes clear that if we would listen to that internal voice we would not have had the heartache we set ourselves up for. Another thing that should have been a red light was when he walked ...

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daddyesboy 34 M
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It is important.   4/24/2012

Dating is an important aspect of life. If you will not date we will not be able to meet the human beings and more importantly the most natural desire sex will never be fulfilled so it is an important aspect of life. But choosing the right partner is another essential here. You should make sure that your partner is of any disease free and have no allergies or whatsoever. I hope you all have a ...

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Their agenda   9/1/2010

Looking at the various posts in different sections of our magazine, I was surprised to see some from young people, both male and female. I would question why anyone under 50 would be interested in a web site called SenionFriendFinder. What agenda have they?...

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ohzippity 62 F
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Exposing the Dating Scam Scum   2/10/2010

So you got an email from a seemingly great guy. He's really cute, seems like he might be a good match and he's dying to know all about you. What an ego boost! Or is it?

In the last two weeks I have been contacted by no less than six dating scammers. That's right, there are scammers everywhere and we all need to be on the lookout for these despicable creeps. SFF is not immune to the ...

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luvtotalk2 70 M
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Wine or coffee   1/22/2010

Most guys go for the coffee shop first date as it is easy to slip away.

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Be Safe   1/12/2009

Unfortunately there are a lot of dangerous people around. Some of them are predators, who like to prey on vulnerable, lonely people.

Please accept the good advice offered by our site, and do not give personal information, until you are certain about the other person.

You should correspond through our site, until you get to know something about the other party. Always be aware ...

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Wilddflower3 70 F
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Too soon.....   5/20/2008

I have come ascross a few men who don't really want to email back and forth a few times on SFF. Instead, the offer their personal email and phone number which is blocked uusually. If it does happen to you and the information gets through, I think it is best to still email on SFF for a bit, before going that one step forward. Thanks, Wilddflower3

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GreatSmile4U 73 F
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How do you go about a background check & how much is it?   2/18/2007

Ok, so you have met someone a few times ~ or maybe just met online, chat, & phone calls.
By then, I have "goo g l e d" and cross-checked address/phone numbers and checked the s e x offender list in his state/city.
Is that all you do? Have any of you ever used the online background checks? About all they really tell is if he pays his bills on time or has any overdue library books.

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dvoted2master 67 C
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I've been around the bdsm community for a number of years and have had my fair share of meeting new people for potential play/relationship consideration. Over time I’ve put together my own personal rituals for meeting new people, most of whom I’ve met via the Internet. As this topic comes up often on various discussion groups I belong to I decided to write an essay detailing ...

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ladymel2006 57 F
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dating with the men in aff.   11/28/2006

i need to know them and find for my better judgement who they are...but good people for me will be remembered as a blessing, but the wicked will soon be forgotten.i feel and i know that if men keep quiet about what they know, humble?maybe, not arrogant, but stupid omes advertize their ignorance.

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582817 60 F
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He has to know.   11/1/2006

I worked as a garegiver, caring for a tetraplegic client. Well he was a client back then, today he is a dear friend. The internet is his life, with lady friends around the globe. He introduced me to some dating websites, that was 4 years ago. I cant believe it is that long. Allthough I'm not with him anymore he knows of everyone I meet or going to meet. He would always tell me to be ...

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kykaren1121 52 F
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scammers   10/30/2006

you know its a shame when the sharks of the internet try to take advantage of those who for one reason or other are taken in by a smooth talking scam artist. I for one am sick and tired of them trying their tricks on me just because they see I am self employed and have a few extra pounds on me. I hae a friend who is in pretty much the same predictament and knows of others as well that have ...

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artsmile 50 F
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leave message to your family or good friend   10/6/2006

When anyone to have a date from net friend, who should ask the new net friend to offer his/her contact reference and you can first check the reference accuratance before leaving those reference to your family or good friend.
Let the frist date in the public to make personal dating safety.

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How Much Is Too Much?   9/8/2006

I received an e-mail from a total stranger telling me that I had given TOO MUCH informtation in my profile and that didn't I know that Perverts would be attracted to it??
Well, now what do you do about this question? One of the first things I do, if I see an attractive man, is read his profile to see how "honest" he is and what makes him tick.
I believe in ...

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safe sex   8/31/2006

Do you make a guy wear a condom on the first date only or all the time

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TheHag 71 F
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JUST DO IT!   8/27/2006

We have some fine gentlemen here at SFF, and I sincerely thank God for each of them. WHEN DATING IN GENERAL, HOWEVER, I must always be aware that I now live in a world with values far different from my own. Respect is rare, there is NO safety, and ulterior motives abound. My only defense lies in my intelligence and in as far as possible always being a hard target.
My policy is ...

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Do a back ground check.....   7/23/2006

I found out being in SFF for three years, if a person man/women is the true blue person they say they are will not get upset with you if you do a back ground check on them. I talked to this man from SFF for three years and he began to concern me. I did a search on him and back ground check on him and he never has spoken to me again since I told him. I ask him if he lived on such and ...

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Biker !!!   7/20/2006

What do you think a real Biker is ?
Give your tought...

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seraphim73157 60 F
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Any way to verify?   7/20/2006

Is there a way to verify someone you are talking to on SFF and through email is the person they say they are? It worries me. In this day of stolen identity it's very hard to be assured. Doing a background check is over the top so does anyone have a way they verify a person's true identity?Men are from Mar's and Women are from Venus...

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2FACE REALITY IS : 2B-F-2-F   7/15/2006


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Cum2MasterDave 59 M
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Where to meet   6/27/2006

Meet for the first time in public place. Nowhere noisy but safe.

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Things to do   6/24/2006

Make sure that the Phone number of the person u r to date is correct Make the first date in a public place Bring the date to your place or u visit their place only after knowing them Never discuss Finance Don't drink more during the Date Maintain honesty Maintain distance Stop with a Kiss during the first date Talk as much as u can so that u understand them better Ask ...

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Meeting Someone On A Bad Light   6/10/2006

There are men you may just catch on a bad night and just aren’t very good company. Everyone is bound to have a bad night.
However, there are people on the dating scene that are quite simply self-involved or so bitter that their nastiness transcends the entire dating experience.
“There are some people you simply need to avoid, for whatever reason, ...

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starwomyn 64 F
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Dealing with On-Line Bullies   5/26/2006

On-Line Bullies is an occupational hazard of the cyberworld. There are some who can bully behind an anonymous profile.
When dealing with an on-line bully, it is important to NOT to respond, interact and engage with the bully. This is not easy but it is doable.
The bully will attack with name-calling and slander. The first ...

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Take care   5/19/2006

For the gals: No matter how many times you talk to a guy through e-mails and stuff, you cannot trust him when you meet face to face. Writing nice things about ourselves and that we have always been victims is so easy. Once you aggree to meet, he can turn out to be a completely different person.

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StarGazerWomyn 64 F
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Stood Up   3/14/2006

It used to be very upsetting when I was stood up for a date but now it doesn't upset me at all. I have a great time on my date regardless of rather the date shows up or not. I can go to the theater by myself, I can geocach all by myself and I can go to dinner by myself. Who know, I might meet somebody terrific and it's saves me the trouble of having to ditch my date to take off with ...

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seven days of Inspiration   3/1/2006

Day one---find something that gives you joy, and it will make you beatiful. Day two---lrt your heart decide, it knows you best. Day three-you will touch somein a positve way soon Day four--Hope is stronger than Fear Day five--remember this always--you are a rare jewel that should be treated with dignity. Daysix----give yourself a pat on your back, and reach for your dreams Day ...

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safe sex for older couples?   2/27/2006

We are a mature couple who have only recently begun exploring re-entry into the lifestyle after many years out of it. Kinda looking to spice up our golden years, you might say. STDs are equal opportunity problems, no matter what the age although a lot of geezers seem to feel that at their age -- "what the hell?" Condoms are a turnoff to a lot of people in the lifestyle and admitedly, ...

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StarGazerWomyn 64 F
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Everything you need to know about Air Brakes and Truckers   2/21/2006

What are the three braking systems? The service brake and parking brake and emergency system. <br> What is used to make the brakes work? Compressed air. <br> What does the air compressor do? Pumps air into the air storage tanks. <br> <br> What does the air compressor governor control? It controls how the compressor will pump air into the air ...

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LittlePossum 72 F
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why lie   2/19/2006

If you are writing a Profile why Lie about yourself and give false information...You either have to be a very good lier and remember what you have said or you are just plain stupid because eventually you are found out......A lot of men lie about their ages as do women I guess what for to catch some one......mmmm very interesting

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snowonroof20062 74 M
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Dating/General safety   2/10/2006

Dating/general safety <br> Men take notice too. A woman can shoot you as readily as a man. Also there are more than a few women who can whip you without a weapon. Don’t try to be “Macho”. <br> Don't be afraid to say NO! If you're not comfortable with the way things are headed, run like hell. <br> When you are comfortable enough to meet for ...

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online dating   12/15/2005

Have been discussing this "online dating" business with many people since I started to get involved with SFF. And have wondered why so many parents were talking about it, because they have teenagers at home.I didn't figure it could be as bad as what they made it out to be. As I skip thru the different sites checking to see what each one was about, I came across a man and 2 woman engaged in ...

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How soon to French kiss?   12/11/2005

I enjoy the intimacy of French kissing. I think next to the French Fry and the Eiffel Tower is ranks in the top 3 of things we got from the European country. <br> The main question is how soon and how much tongue to use. I generally kiss open mouth anytime after the first date but I allow my partner to initiate any tongue action. Different people tolerate different amounts and ...

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communication   12/8/2005

When first meeting someone new, I strongly feel that one will know what type of a person you have just met, if they communicate well with you right from the start. One might not know, or care if the other doesn't communicate well. Thats up to each individual, but to communicate right off the bat, is essential. Lots of items are involved in a good and strong relationship. To find a new ...

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too much too soon   11/24/2005

I like to put my cards on the table right from the start. I believe if you both do that, each will know what you are looking for, and you can go from there.ask each other questions what you want to know about the other. If the other don't feel comfortable about doing that, its more than likely a good idea to stop right there, and look for someone else to talk to. things to discuss are what ...

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Parisdreamer10 74 F
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I Almost Got CYBER !   10/15/2005

People keep talking about the Chat rooms. How people meet and some have even found their spouses there. So every now and then, I have been popping in there. Not much to report there. <br> Then, I thought I would get an Instant Messenger on this site so I could talk directly to someone and be safe and I wouldn't have to give out my real E-mail address. I have ...

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StarGazerWomyn 64 F
139  Articles
Screening out the Frogs   9/11/2005

I do believe that internet dating is the way of the future. The Internet has allowed me to keep in contact with friends across the country that I could have lost cantact with years ago. I have made many wonderful friends. When my son was in the Persian Gulf, I was able to contact him. When a child or loved one is at the warfront, any kind of message however brief is comforting. I ...

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sweet_delicious1 59 F
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No Means No   9/3/2005

A guy who briefly chats with a girl in a chat room seems "normal" if there's such a word, so the gal takes the chance and gives him her personal instant messenger sn and now every time she logs on he wants to chat nonstop. She loves to chat, but the topic of sex is contantly on this guy's mind, and she has repeatedly responded, "NO Thanks" many times, but he just doesn't get it, I guess her ...

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sensible meeting   8/23/2005

Who has not had a real date in 16 years !! That sure is safe. Your life is what you make it. You have made a choice which seems to be working for you, that is fine with us guys. The standard meeting advice is good. If you want to be extra cautious; turn up early and set a friend in view of your table, with signals for a quiet rescue. I know ladies in their 40s who live alone and ...

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Meeting people - one on one - personally   8/19/2005

I have been a member of SFF for quite some time and have met many people in person all over the world: males as well as well as females. I have attended 3 bashes in the US (I am from Europe) and going to such a gathering in order to meet people in my opinion is safe. It would be different when meeting a single person, woman meeting gentlemen. I have always trusted my intuition and up to ...

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Parisdreamer10 74 F
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When do you give your real ......   8/17/2005

I have had someone view my profile and send me an e-mail on SFF site. The first thing he did was to give me his Yahoo e-mail address. Then, He wanted my handle to IM. Actually, I have had this happen several times. To me this is scary. I am afraid. With all the horror stories you hear how can you know when the time is right to reveal more? I certainly wouldn't after the first e-mail. ...

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Parisdreamer10 74 F
14  Articles
A little off subject, but...speaking of dating...   8/7/2005

I have been watching " Hooking UP" a new series on ABC Thurs. nights 8:00PM Central Standard Time. It is about single women who are meeting men on Dating Sites on the Internet and it follows them on the actual date! I find it facinating to see what all is going on out there, since I haven't been on a "real date" in about 16 years! Sincerely, Parisdreamer10

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Is it safe to respond to profiles without photos???   8/6/2005

As it seem to be more profiles in searches for men posted in the MD area without photos , how safe is it to respond??? They can send a photo and a profile but with out a posted photo it will be hard to convience most of us they are not hiding anything (married, , axe murder ect) I think women have to be More careful for their physical safety, and for their reputations. Just because a ...

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kels00 56 F
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*** Stay Safe ALWAYS ***   7/22/2005

This is mostly for ladies always stay safe under any cicumstances..always meet in a public place, drive yourself or get someone to drive you.... always tell someone were you are going, always have a cell phone even if you have to borrow one, with an emergency number of someone you can contact. using 3 capital AAA in your cell phone that way always comes up first so you dont panic trying to ...

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There's some funny people out there   5/29/2005

When I was a teenager I used to go camping quite a lot. My mother always used to say, 'now you be careful. You know what I mean? There's some funny people out there.' Well I never met any 'funny people out there'. But there again, perhaps they thought I was 'funny'. Everyone is someone else's weirdo. Nowadays you can, shop, bank and get credit online. But if anything is wrong you can ...

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ruggedntenderaty 69 M
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How far has life changed?   5/28/2005

I feel we are in a world that has changed in a wrong way. It seems years ago dating safety would have only meant being careful if you became active that no kids were brought into the world. I never had to worry of it as I was not going there anyway. <br> Now we talk of sickos and people who wish to harm or take anothers life...We many times think of our children .. OK ...

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Madisgrandma 65 F
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Dating Safely On Line For Ladies   5/2/2005

Ladies, I know how excited we all get when we see someone on line and want so badly to get to know all about them. <br> I have friends who tell me how scary it is for them to do the on-line dating thing. It isn't any more scary than meeting someone in a bar, or through a friend, etc. The question I get often is "What do you talk about, how do you get to know them, where do you ...

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Finelady4u 71 F
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Those Red Flags!   3/20/2005

I recently ended a cyber relationship, not from SSF, because the man in question wanted to come to town to visit me much too soon, after only one phone call, and assumed he would be invited to my home. He made sexual innuendoes which went beyond flirtatious, wanted to know if I would ever want to go out with friends instead of being with my partner, and almost seemed to be planning our ...

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STD's   3/17/2005

Hello, I use condoms on every sexual occasion but not sure how to protect myself when performing oral on a lady. Any thoughts or ways that are easy to implement?

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gentlewar 69 M
22  Articles
STALKERS, The complete article?   2/23/2005

STALKERS When you have an "unlisted" number, you pay repeated charge. Also, if someone calls information and asks for your listing, the operator will say, "that listing is non-published." That admission in itself gives a wealth of information you may not want to be "out there." (Yes, you still are in the area... yes you are trying to hide... the knowshe still has you scared.) I ...

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gentlewar 69 M
22  Articles
STALKERS   2/22/2005

STALKERS <<When you have an "unlisted" number, you pay repeated charge. Also, if someone calls information and asks for your listing, the operator will say, "that listing is non-published." That admission in itself gives a wealth of information you may not want to be "out there." (Yes, you still are in the area... yes you are trying to hide... the knowshe still has you ...

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gentlewar 69 M
22  Articles
Black Belt Approved, STOP , LEARN IN 5 MINUTE KUNG FU-   2/9/2005

$1 SELL ONLY. PTF - Protect The Family Political Party MTBSW* 60% of incarcerated for child ! 1/3 females, 1/7 males ! NO THERAPY RUINS KID’S LIVES!! Black Belt Approved STOP ! LEARN IN 5 MINUTE KUNG FU. An attacker grabs your arm, QUICKLY twist it towards his thumb, while using your ARM against his THUMB. ...

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Being safe.   1/18/2005

Everyone want to feel safe when dating someone new. Yhis applies to both females and males. WE should all be careful about giving out too many particulars until we get to know the other person. Always meet in a public place, and dont be tempted to go off with the other person, to their home or a hotel. It takes time to get to know, and trust someone new.

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Adventrimax 68 M
18  Articles
Thinning The Herd?   12/24/2004

I was giving this 'dating safety' thing some thought last evening. A question kept nagging me like an ex who didn't find what she wanted with the lawn care guy. <br> <br> Has humanity been dumbed down so much it cannot exercise the rudiments of common sense in enjoying some of the inherent risks and mysteries of romance? <br> <br> I really don't have a ...

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be safe   12/22/2004

It is important when meeting someone 4 the first time that you dont give out tooo much personal information be safe instead of sorry. It is also A good idea too not go to your dates home on the first date.Most important tip be yourself be honest and sincere.

6 Comments, 190 Views, 17 Votes ,4.54 Score
It CAN happen to YOU!!   12/21/2004

It does not matter if you are female or male....nor does it matter where you are really can be the victim....I was. Granted it was a matter of trusting too soon......even if you think you really know the person quite well...the rules they have posted on here ARE good ones indeed and following them might mean saving your life. It can happen to a man just as easily as to a ...

6 Comments, 411 Views, 43 Votes ,7.62 Score
Babbalouie 57 M
45  Articles
Daddy, how was I born?   12/6/2004

Well, you see your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on MSN. <br> Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a secluded room, where your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive. As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete ...

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margiesue 65 F
427  Articles
Automobile Safety and Assualts on Women   11/23/2004

Recently in Colorado there has been a rash of assualts on women who do not lock their car doors when entering or leaving. I received this in my email today. It is a good precaution for all of us. <br> IMPORTANT PLEASE READ <br> A friend stopped at a pay-at-the-pump gas station to get gas. Once she filled her gas tank and after paying at the pump and starting to leave, ...

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Goodsoul51 66 M
20  Articles
Safety tips women should know & practice   11/20/2004

Don't Be A Crime Victim! I am sending this to every woman I know, ,please read it and pass it on to all your female friends, , <br> <br> <br> Some time ago, I attended a personal safety workshop, and it jolted me. It was given by an amazing man, Pat Malone, who has been a body guard for famous figures like Farrah Fawcett and Sylvester Stallone. He works for ...

2 Comments, 146 Views, 26 Votes ,6.58 Score
Goodsoul51 66 M
20  Articles
Safety & Survival Signals for Women   11/20/2004

The Gift of Fear <br> and Other Survival Signals That Protect Us From Violence <br> By Gavin de Becker <br> <br> <br> The following is taken from pages 210-212. <br> There are many reliable pre-incident indicators associated with spousal violence and murder. They won't all be present in every case, but if a situation has ...

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Fostering Obsession with online courtship   11/6/2004

There are arguements presented that it is "safe" to spend the time to get to know the other person with extensive email, chats and phone conversations first. I'm not sold this is correct, or safe. <br> There are equal arguements that a very early meeting the other person "safely" in a very public place, so that you can not be followed back to your home or work, may avoid ...

4 Comments, 142 Views, 31 Votes ,7.65 Score
margiesue 65 F
427  Articles
Online Dating   11/5/2004

Recently I found ths article about meeting people online and dating. has some good advice. <br> Show Patience You may be anxious to start a new relationship but that doesn't mean you should rush into meetings with strangers. Take the time to make sure you're ready to move from the online world to an offline encounter. <br> Talk on the Phone There's no need to ...

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margiesue 65 F
427  Articles
Why shuld I give you my phone number?   10/27/2004

It is just a thought, but why should I give you my phone number? I don't know you. My telephone is a private thing. your calling me without me knowing you is an invasion of my privacy. Why can't I first get to know you somewhat and when I feel comfortable, I can then give you my number that opens the door to my private life. And then what if you abuse it? You have abused my friendship, ...

5 Comments, 103 Views, 17 Votes ,5.81 Score
Ratormo 43 M
2  Articles
young man/older woman   9/1/2004

I am a youngman and I am interested to date older women. Call it a fetish, but I really think that older women has a lot to offer compare to younger women. Here's a few : 1. OLDER WOMEN MORE CONFIDENT - THEY KNOW WHAT THEY WANT, WHETHER IT'S SEX OR COMPANIONSHIP. 2. OLDER WOMEN ARE FINANCIALLY STABLE - THEY DON'T DEPEND ON A MAN TO PAY FOR THEM, THAT MEANS THEY ARE ...

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womaninthemoon 68 F
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You think you connect...then he/she real?   8/21/2004

This is really a dilemna in today's world. So many people try to pass as someone they aren't for various reasons. Some are in bad marriages and want a fling. Some have agendas more attached to financial issues. It doesn't matter what the ultimate reason...what matters is our own security. Obviously all of us know that not posting a picture is a flag. There are good reasons for no ...

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theclassyblonde 76 F
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Reply to Dating Safety Tips   8/11/2004

While I understand the reasoning about being suspicious if someone will only give you their cell phone number, not a home number and that they could be hiding something at home, as a mate, etc. - I must say that some people, me included, have only a cell phone. (Several of my friends have only a cell phone also.) I have used only a cell phone for more than two years for my personal and ...

4 Comments, 72 Views, 31 Votes ,7.55 Score
theclassyblonde 76 F
6  Articles
Reply - Small dinner party   8/11/2004

The problem that I see with hosting a small dinner party, which I presume would be in your home in order to meet the new person with the safety of others around, is that the person whom you have never met now knows exactly where you live. He/she may be someone that you won't want to have that information once you have met them. So I would have to say it is something that I would not do ...

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thebat2O 63 F
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Ref HappyTrail35   7/9/2004

I understand what you are saying about safety and should you take a cab and keep your car hidden. It seems to me like you are really paranoid (only my opinion) about meeting someone for the first time. In these times maybe that's not a bad thing but I really do think you are carrying this a little too far. <br> For the most part the man/woman you meet will be just as cautious ...

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bklynblueeyes19 68 F
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Better safe than sorry   6/13/2004

Putting your best foot forward on a first date is usually done. However, in the case of SFF members, perhaps it is safer to walk as if your feet are walking on egg shells. Taking it slow, steady and playing it out always is the best method to develop a relationship. No one shows their frailities until you know them for awhile. I wish you all peace.

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bklynblueeyes19 68 F
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Forget the coffee shops indeed!!!   5/20/2004

Most of the old English mystery shows portrayed the villian in some dark, foggy park....lurking in search of his next unsuspecting lady. Common sense tells us that a well- it, populated shop would be far safer than an isolated area where one is neither sure of the escape route nor sure of whom she is meeting. Better safe than sorry.

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jonnybgood 63 M
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Forget the coffee shops   5/2/2004

Everyone meets at them.Don, t be so paranoid and just go to a public park in the middle of the day.Nobody but police officers have the ability to trace your license plate number, and that is strictly for official useage.As for your phone number, if you don, t want to talk to them on the phone don't give out your phone number or screen your calls and do not answer if you don't feel like ...

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HappyTrails35 81 F
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My license plate is visible, even if we meet in public.   4/28/2004

I have been chatting with someone for awhile and have decided to meet. Should I rent a car? Travel by bus? Taxi? It is really easy to trace a license plate. <br> What is considered to be the safest way to meet? This is new to me and I need some answers. <br> No problem with the phone as I use a prepaid calling card. No way to trace it. <br> I will ...

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IHaveBeenHiding 70 F
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dial star 67 to block phone IDs   3/31/2004

When you decide to make phone contact for the first time remember by dialing “star 67” before dialing your phone number you block your name from the caller ID. I prefer to keep as much as I can private until I can feel safe with the person. A cell phone is a good first bet for beginning phone conversations. The cell number is easily changed if necessary.

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bklynblueeyes19 68 F
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Why are there so few unattached men on SFF?   3/28/2004

After reading through dozens of matches of Cupid's SFF, I have thought that my request not to be paired with MARRIED MEN is being ignored. Perhaps there are not enough single men on the site to give the volume necessary to maintain the interest of the women. My theory is "better quality over quantity" Please refine the Cupid's software to match clients with the single preferences ...

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personal security.   3/22/2004

if done carefully, an internet search for a companion can be quite safe, enjoyable and a very wonderful experience in your life. <br> there are some simple little things to avoid if you wish to keep personal information secure until you decide the other person is worth seeing/communicating with. first:NEVER reveal more than your first name. if you reveal a city ...

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bklynblueeyes19 68 F
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Be the tortoise, not the hare   3/20/2004

Experienced uses of chat and internet dating have learned, albeit with some mishaps, the importance of being patient, and not rushing into something. Giving out your personal email, phone number, address to someone you have just met will only endanger, not enhance your meeting with the stranger. If there is truly something positive to develop between two people, maybe we should all tread ...

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bklynblueeyes19 68 F
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Alice in Wonderland   3/20/2004

Why do some men seem like the rabbit in "Alice in Wonderland"? They are in such a hurry to meet, that they never inquire as to distance of travel, or even to get to know you before offering to meet in person. Several emails and phone conversations provide an excellent opportunity for both parties to hear things that they might like or dislike. Also, men should realize that women do not ...

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bklynblueeyes19 68 F
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Let's meet   3/18/2004

That pitter patter of the heart on first talking to someone who seems interesting. The first conversation is so easy. That second phone call and you are hearing some disturbing things. Then the person says " why won't you meet me in a public place at least" The answer is; if you cannot engage in several conversations to see if there are mutual interests, etc., then what is the purpose ...

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kathythered 65 F
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Be Wise Be Cautious   2/4/2004

Ladies, let the men know you are a cautious person and you will feel safe about meeting them if you chat online for awhile to try to get to know them. If a man is not understanding of your right to privacy it's time to move on. Ask them how they would feel if their Daughter gave her phone number or email address to ANY Tom, Dick or Harry???

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aprairieflower 74 F
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Drive yourself!   10/11/2003

I think the safey tips are very good but I would like to add another. Please, ladies, don't depend on your blind date to meet you and drive you anywhere! Getting into a vehicle with a stranger is still getting into a vehicle with a stranger, no matter how long you have been chatting online. No mater how his sweet words makes your heart flutter. As was once said, "no one is a dog online." ...

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Dating Safety Tips   9/7/2003

After reading the dating safety article posted on 4/11 which had some excellent tips, I wanted to add several things you can do to determine if a person is being honest and/or to keep yourself safe: <br> 1. If you are at the point where you would like to exchange telephone numbers, make sure you get a home number and not a cell phone number. This might prevent you from getting ...

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A guys perspective   7/13/2003

All of the articles in this category are absolutely correct. If the man that you are exchanging emails with is in a hurry, then he probably isn’t for you. A true gentleman will always think first of a ladies feelings and safety before his own. Always meet in a public place for coffee or such. The time might vary depending on how far apart you live. During the week it would be safe to ...

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Safe online dating at SeniorFriendFinder (and other online places)   4/11/2003

Online personals and dating are a great way to make new friends, companions and even find romance, but it is important to approach them with safety as your first priority. (This is why your access to remains anonymous and this is why each profile is reviewed by our staff.) <br> Here a few important safety tips: <br> 1. Never reveal your last ...

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honeybee_1 84 F
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how can I contact a person 0 miles away?   3/27/2003

I know SFF prefers to keep this safe but I can't seem to contact even a person in my home town. I suspect my e-mail is being blanked out when I decide to give it. Am I using this service wrong or have I just wasted my money. How do I contact someone in my town on SFF?

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always be yourself on your first date   8/1/2002

always be yourself on your first date. on my first date i wanted to impress him ever so badly. i went for shopping and bought a tight outfit . which really was`nt me . if i wanted to be myself i would have worn a good pair of jeans and a nice body top. so, i got ready for my date and went, i was right there on time and ten minutes later he came. when he saw me he said " oh my god, i never ...

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